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May 12-15th 2022


  1. Look out for your fellow Dreamers and practice self-care. Be respectful and responsible so we can keep the dream alive!

  2. Community Watch: Keep an eye out for anyone throwing shade and report anything concerning to the information booth. Note that federal, state and local laws apply and authorities will be present so respect the law.

  3. Find the magic! With art, food, music, sauna, and relaxation there is a lot to explore and experience.

  4. Zero Impact: This is a leave-no-trace-behind event. Please be responsible and keep the campgrounds and the festival grounds clean. Keep the dance floors clean. Take your trash home with you. Pick up litter and be a team player. Let’s leave the park beautiful and clean. You are also responsible for hauling out your own garbage out of the event.

  5. We Are Family: We are an inclusive community who fiercely protects the rights and expression of our Dreamers. Show respect to your neighbors and maintain an open mind and heart.

Festival Hours

The Festival begins Thursday 5/12 at 2pm 

The Festival ends Sunday 5/15 at 11:59pm 

Guests are welcome to stay/camp Sunday night and depart Monday before 11am

Gate & Box Office Hours

Thursday 5/12 - 2:00pm - 11:00pm PT (sharp)

Friday 05/13 - 10:00am - 11:00pm PT (sharp)

Saturday: 05/14 - 10:00am - 11:00pm PT (sharp)

Sunday: 05/15 - 9:00am - 4:00pm PT (sharp)

You can exit the festival at any time but cannot enter the event outside these gate hours.

Rain or Shine 

The festival will take place rain or shine. No refunds due to inclement weather.


While water is available onsite at selected stations and for purchase at bars and food vendors, we ask each attendee to bring at least 1 gallons of water per day. Please use reusable water bottles and stay hydrated! For cooking and cleaning, you must have some sort of gray-water evaporation dish to protect the lands. Do not use the reservoir for cleaning of any kind.


NO GLASS containers are allowed on the premises. All vehicles will be checked by security upon entry. We will have plenty of bars inside the festival but outside alcohol is also allowed in the campgrounds within a reasonable amount (no kegs or large amounts of alcohol will be permitted). There is a checkpoint before entering in the festival area where the stages are located, and due to our permit requirements, our security staff will be doing a bag check. ATMS on site. Drink responsibly. 


Bring your own ICE, but we will have it for sale at our General Store located in the Campground Plaza.

Dry camping/No Hookups

The area our event is taking place, does not have RV/Trailer infrastructure for hookups so there are no RV/Trailer hookups for power, water or gray/black water dumping. For those with RV’s portable showers, gray water and black water should never hit the ground. Woodward Reservoir is a protected marine environment. Please do not dispose or empty any gray or black water tanks on site.

Sauna By Archimedes Banya 

We are building a waterfront Sauna with the Archimedes Banya. It will be open to everyone Friday and Saturday 10am - 5pm. Come get a plaza and jump in the lake!

Reservoir /Swimming

The reservoir is a natural habitat for wildlife so please keep it clean. Swimming is allowed from 9am-6pm daily. Swim at your own risk. 

Illicit Substances

Anyone found doing illegal substances may be escorted out of the festival and could face legal consequences.


Kids under 12 years old are allowed in for free accompanied by a parent or guardian. No one between 13-20 years of age are permitted inside the campgrounds or festival. 

ADA and service animals

No pets are allowed but service animals are of course allowed. We will have ADA accessible bathrooms on site and meet the park’s ADA requirements. Please contact with any ADA requests prior to the festival.

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The address below gets you closest to the festival site, but it’s not your final destination. 14016 28 Mile Rd, Oakdale, CA 95361

From HW 120 toward Woodward Reservoir, Take 26 Mile Road, turn right on Dorsey Rd (1.5 miles), then left on 28 Mile Rd. Event Entrance will be ½ mile ahead. Look for event signs.

Gate Hours

  • Thursday 5/12 - 2:00pm - 11:00pm PT (sharp)

  • Friday 05/13 - 10:00am - 11:00pm PT (sharp)

  • Saturday: 05/14 - 10:00am - 11:00pm PT (sharp)

  • Sunday: 05/15 - 9:00am - 4:00pm PT (sharp)

Box Office 

Buy your tickets ahead of time. Print your ticket or have your barcode ready to go on your phone. When you arrive at the gate, you must have a valid ID, Driver’s License, or passport to receive tickets and for entry. 

Check Point All vehicles will pass through a security checkpoint prior to entering the campgrounds and festival. Note: no glass is allowed.


Upon entry, you must drive 5MPH at all times. There will be law enforcement as you drive in and in the event. Inside the event grounds, be aware of other patrons camping and there is NO driving around inside the festival or campgrounds.

Vehicles & RV Passes   

All vehicles and RVs must have the appropriate vehicle pass displayed at all times. Passes are purchased separately from festival tickets. Upon entry, please drive 5MPH to your campsite. There is no driving around inside the festival or campgrounds permitted.

Ins & Outs 

There are no Ins & Outs, but for the folks that are staying overnight offsite at a hotel we are allowing Ins & Outs, but be aware of gate hours and know you must show ID, wristbands, and vehicle credentials for reentry. 

Parking & Campgrounds

Our traffic, parking, and campground management and volunteer team will be onsite to guide you to the campgrounds. Please be respectful as they are here to assist you in safe placement. Please be mindful of sides and stay on marked roads until your reach your campsite. Please be aware of Fire Lanes.  

Cloud Camp

Cloud Camp  - Access to Cloud Camp requires the appropriate credential. Security will be on site checking wristbands. Please be respectful of your neighbors and keep your glamping area tidy and sound reasonable. 


RV’s require a specific parking pass. They can camp anywhere in the festival grounds. Dry camping: The area of the park where the festival is taking place does not have RV infrastructure and hookups.  


There are shower trailers onsite. You will need to purchase a shower token from the General Store located in GA campgrounds (see site map). The shower will be open 9am - 12pm and 5pm - 8pm.


Sales open Thursday 5pm - 9pm, Friday and Saturday 11am - 7pm, Sunday 12pm - 7pm

General Store, Showers, & Ice, are located in the Camp Services area. 


Onsite can pay for food and drinks w/ credit card or cash.


There are potable water stations located at 3 points in the festival as well as single water for purchase at bars and food vendors. Please make sure you bring ample water to the festival to have at your campsite to keep you and your crew hydrated. 


Restrooms are located throughout the festival and camp grounds. ADA-bathrooms are available.

Food Vendors

We have multiple food vendors located in the marketplace, including vegan options. 

Bars will be located throughout the festival selling batch cocktails and various beverages.

Medical Emergency and Parking/Camping teams on-site 24 hours

Fitness and Wellness Classes 9am-7pm Fri-Sun & Waterfront Sauna


Carpooling is encouraged! To reduce wait times in entering the festival, we strongly encourage carpooling

Wristbands and parking passes must be visible at all times.

Stay Hydrated!

Park perpendicular to the road

Arrive together to camp together.

Respect all staff, security, and law enforcement.

Camp 20 yards back from the shoreline.

Respect your neighbors, animals included

Zip your tent at all times (to avoid creepy crawlers)

Clean your campsite LEAVE NO TRACE


Coolers or alcohol into the festival grounds (please enjoy our bar services and leave at your campsite)

Saving campground space



Fuel or Generators

Fire (propane grills are ok)

Driving in the campgrounds

Renegade sound systems

Bathing in reservoir



Illegal Substances

Amplified Sound

Harassment of any kind

All dreams must end, at least for now, and here are some clear instructions on how to pack up, clear out, and get on the road as easily as possible

Exit Times All campers must depart by 11am on Monday. 

Packing Up

Sort/Separate your recyclables from your garbage, make sure to bag and consolidate all waste.  Cardboard should be flattened and stacked.  Pack out all unused items, reuseables and bulky items like pop ups, chairs, and floaties, regardless if they are damaged.

Leave No Trace

Look around your campsite and pick up all loose pieces of trash – be a steward to this beautiful site.

Exodus Etiquette

There may be delays in departure depending on the movement of traffic as only a finite number of vehicles can depart each hour. (This is why we encourage carpooling.) It is unpredictable when the majority of people will hit the road, so prepare for longer wait times and have drinks, snacks, and music to keep you and your crew happy. Please be patient. Drive 5 MPH within the grounds and respect the neighborhood and all speed limits upon departure. 

Waste Disposal

You are responsible for hauling out your own garbage.