Alex Carlbon - Doors of Perception 4



Öona Dahl + Julia Sinelnikova aka ORACLE666 present a new immersive audiovisual experience which integrates music, sculpture, lighting and performance art to create an otherworldly realm. HoloRealmz is a cocoon-like art installation, giving the feeling of Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole to another world as you enter into a trippy vortex. Comfortable seating and pillows are set up below the morphing installations, so visitors can relax and gaze off into a world filled with surreal sculptures and holographic lighting. The performance line-up features ambient electronica dj sets, as well as performance artists who incorporate movement, light and poetry readings. 

Laura Kimpton - Forest of Dreams

Forest of Dreams

Laura Kimpton

An enchanted growing forest Laura Kimpton and Art with Me present Dream Forest, on it's way to TTITD this year.


Polymorphic Duo

Shrine On x Marcus Guillard

Supernatural Wizard Caps Stand next to each other, streamlined Flying Mountain Citadels point towards the heavens, towards an unknown future, clad in gold and black they represent the brightest and darkest outcomes of our collective companionship.


Dream Vortex


A magical transportation vortex to take you from one musical experience to another.


Fortune Telling Dream Neon

Dani Bonnet

Have a dream and want to know if it will come true ? Ask the neon fortune teller to find out !


Cloud Girl

Dani Bonnet x Katkin

A collaboration between neon artist Dani Bonnet and All Day I Dream’s Katkin. Keeping their heads in the clouds, this sculpture’s duality illuminates your imagination from day to night.

Yoon Sun Son - Dream Portal

Dream Portal

Yoon Sun Son

Most of Yoon Sun Son's work consists of blending dreams consisting of nature, patterns, and colors. The Dream Portal is one giant door leading the viewer to be immersed in abstract nature, shapes, past memories, and mixes of dreamscapes.


Infinity Light Sculptures

Sunya Whitelight

Infinity Mirrors are Portals of Discovery, reflections on the infinity, time and space. Sunya Whitelight invites your to expand your awareness of consciousness of time but peering into the portals of infinity.



Sunya Whitelight

These free standing mandalas of masculine and feminine loom large, creating space for the dancers and the music to interact.


Big Bloom

Sunya Whitelight

Big Bloom is a community built functional sculpture inspired by the flower of life. Its thoughtful parametric design functions as a small stage, a space for huddle-puddles, meditations, and encourages play and conversation. It was created with eco-friendly wood and stain and hundreds of hours of love and attention with our friends Don Teeter, Lin Fei Fei, Emily Wasko, Blake Charlton, Lily Mott and many more.

Jacob Dineen 1

Luminate Musique Design

Jacob Dineen

Laser art and "dreamy" projections mapping, where the artist Jacob Dineen immerses the art spectator to become a part of the installation.


Doors of Perception

Alex Carlbon

Live paining Art Installation, Interactive Experience. Abstract artist specializing in psychedelic paintings and large scale interactive installations. Pouring, spraying, and drizzling; Carlbon handles colours intuitively and chaotically creating swirls of abstract psychedelia that beckon endless interpretation.

Future Eyes - Optical Instrument -1

Optical Instrument #1

Future Eyes

Experiential objects have the magical ability to expand your awareness while stretching the mind's understanding of what it means to see. The Optical Instrument is designed with optical-quality crystal cut glass in order to make wildly creative, multifaceted visual effects that represent the future of art. We encourage you to take a moment and consciously recognize each facet of the world as one of your unique potential realities. You're choosing a path within an infinite number of possibilities, and these transformational lenses help us to explore our perception of time and space — giving access to potential reality in multi-dimensions.


The EverybodyCanPaint Dreamwall


ArtIsMobilUs EverybodyCanPaint is a mobile collaborative public art experience bringing inclusive, participatory art to people & events everywhere. Come find the long two-sided "DreamWall" and paint your dreams into this collaborative all festival art piece.


Live Painter Land

Blake Foster

Live painter: A psychedelic explorer recording his journeys through conciousness, one brush stroke at a time


Live Painter Land

Jonathan Solter

Live painter based in Grass Valley, CA, Jonathan enjoys collaborating with artists from around the country, painting large-scale murals at festivals and events. His artwork specializes in unique psychedelic forms such as higher dimensional travel, ancient civilizations and animism.



Jonas Roth

Jonas Roth, son of the legendary Madam Bethesda Echinacea Roth (Known mainly as the Grand Duchess Of Debauchery And Other Such Flim Flams, or GDODAOSFF for short.) and multi award winning Screenplay writer, Director and Live Painter. His recent works present the female form in states of bliss and meditation while floating in space, while exploring metallics. Witness him live painting at All Day I Dream creating his latest, and finest form to champion femininity.

bgd skySunset dramatic (1)

A Place of Dreams


A space for people to release their dreams into the universe and manifest them into this plane of reality !


Fish Tank

Fish Tank LLC

Fishtank is a mobile art that travels ! This installation and it's crew focus on furthering other art installations and creations, supporting the large scale and mobile art community nation wide.


The Golden Gate Project

The Golden Gate Project

The Golden Gate Project supports the social and mental well being of children and their families dealing with health challenges. The GGP is committed to create spaces & experiences to bring the healing powers of music & joy to as many kids as we can reach.


Nice-A-Roli Trolley Car

Ken Minn and Crew

Long time friend of All Day I Dream, see Ken's Trolley Car at the first All Day I Dream Festival.


Byte Monsters

Jay Blanda and Crew

Chip and Terra the two furry and lovable robots, are traveling to our Dreamy land along the waters. Celebrate with them by climbing, dancing, snuggling and playing in their fluffy bellies or hanging wisteria garden!